Vision & Mission

Our motto: “Together we make the difference”


Laxminarayan College, Jharsuguda strives to improve the lives of all the beneficiaries through creating a sustainable learning culture in response to the need of the society and to provide opportunities to individuals for achieving their personal and professional goals to become responsible and disciplined citizens and human beings.


Laxminarayan College, Jharsuguda aspires to be a model for all by
  • Inculcating a positive attitude in the students to be disciplined.
  • Creating an atmosphere for adoption of the principles of morality and healthy practices of life.
  • Promoting learners’ success with an excellent teaching learning atmosphere.
  • Creating an environment of intellectual stimulus, scientific inquiry, cultural ambience and social responsibility.
  • Encouraging the qualities of leadership keeping in view the challenges of time and society.
  • Providing the students with equal opportunity without any discrimination of caste, colour, creed and sex.
  • Achieving equity and excellence in the institution, thus contributing to the same in higher education .
  • Building excellent faculty in every department.
  • Bringing all stakeholders to a common platform for common good.
  • Building environmentally sustainable campus facilities.
  • Reaching the community through social outreach programmes like NSS, NCC, YRC, etc.
  • Becoming a changing agent for the society and the community at large.
Thus graduates will exit from the door of the institution with sound and practical knowledge, habit of mind for intellectual growth, skills for employability and entrepreneurship and sense of responsibility for full and participatory citizenship not only in the national but global scenario.